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Here are some tips to help you out. There are two ways to use the calculator. You can type expressions right into the text box or you can use the buttons on the page to perform calculations. The choice is yours. The help below is provided for both methods.

General Instructions

List of Expressions

Number Formats

Using Variables

General Instructions

Typing in the Text Box

You can just type expressions into the text box and press Enter, e.g., if you type


and press Enter or Tab, you will get an answer of


Please see the List of Expressions below to see all the valid expressions.

Using the Buttons

To use the buttons, enter a number either by using the buttons or typing it in and click on one of the functions. To perform a calculation, enter a combination of numbers and operators and then press the [=] button to obtain the result.

List of Expressions

Type in expressions as they are presented below. Alternatively you can type in a number or expression and click on the buttons to perform an operation on it. Expressions are not case sensitive.

Expression Description
Sin(x) Calculates the Sine of an angle.
Cos(x) Calculates the Cosine of an angle.
Tan(x) Calculates the Tangent of an angle.
Asin(x) Calculates the Arc Sine of an angle.
Acos(x) Calculates the Arc Cosine of an angle.
Atan(x) Calculates the Arc Tangent of an angle.
Sinh(x) Calculates the Hyperbolic Sine of an angle.
Cosh(x) Calculates the Hyperbolic Cosine of an angle.
Tanh(x) Calculates the Hyperbolic Tangent of an angle.
Asinh(x) Calculates the Hyperbolic Arc Sine of an angle.
Acosh(x) Calculates the Hyperbolic Arc Cosine of an angle.
Atanh(x) Calculates the Hyperbolic Arc Tangent of an angle.
Ln(x) Calculates the Natural Logarithm (base e) of an number.
Log(x) Calculates the Logarithm of a number to the base 10.
Log2(x) Calculates the Logarithm of a number to the base 2.
Log(x,y) Calculates the Logarithm of x to the base y.
Sqrt(x) Calculates the Square Root of a number.
Pow(x,y) or x^y Calculates the value of x raised to the power of y. (xy)
Percent(x) or x% Converts a number to a percentage.
Fact(x) or x! Calculates the factorial of a number.
Round(x) Rounds a number to the Nearest Integer.
Floor(x) Rounds a number to the Lowest Integer.
Ceil(x) Rounds a number to the Highest Integer.
Random(x) Generates a Random Number between 0 and 1.

Number Formats

Other than the regular Integer and Decimal formats, you can also use Scientific Notation. If you type it in, use the following format. For
you can type
or for
you can type

If you prefer to use the buttons, use the button to enter the 'e'.

E.g., for -1.234e-3, click on .

Using Variables

You can use variables. Just type x = 5 and press Enter to set x to 5. You can then use x in any expression. You can also enter multiple variables at once by separating them with a semi-colon. e.g., if you type
and then press Enter, you will get
Variables are not case-sensitive.


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